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After I finished grimacing and taking multiple showers to scrub the filth away left by these nasty dudes, I either deleted or blocked them. After he let me know that he was obsessed with my lips and ass, I told him upfront that I wasn’t anyone’s fetish and to basically treat me like a ‘normal’ person aside from my curvy parts. We get so caught up in not wanting to make others feel uncomfortable, when in turn, we are really only hurting ourselves. I'd really like that date to the movies, but if you feel like you can't see past my hips to get to the real me, then no thanks.

And these comments were all before even saying hello, asking my name, or inquiring about how I was doing… Then got an attitude when I told him that it wasn’t acceptable to greet someone referring to a body part. Either way, whether you're thin or curvy, it doesn't give men (or women) the right to objectify you or your body.

And countless inappropriate comments regarding what they would ‘do’ to my butt, hips, and lips. I mean, we are sexual beings but make sure you gauge the 'freak radar' before you start asking people to, let’s say, sit on your face.

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