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Roy Bourgeois has been excommunicated or not remains a mystery.As I wrote here, the Vatican told him to recant for supporting women’s ordination–and attending one last July–and at last word he had gone to Rome to plead his cause.He has produced documentaries on early Christianity for CNN and other networks and has traveled on assignment to dozens of countries, with an emphasis on reporting from Europe and the Middle East.He is a frequent television commentator and has appeared on the major cable and broadcast networks.He is also a regular speaker at conferences and seminars on Catholicism, religion in America, and journalism.Gibson's first book, The Coming Catholic Church: How the Faithful are Shaping a New American Catholicism (Harper San Francisco), was published in 2003 and deals with the church-wide crisis revealed by the clergy sexual abuse crisis. The first word via Vatican Radio and first image (that I saw) via Rocco: Speaking to Vatican Radio, Press Office Director Fr.

The blowback certainly hasn’t died down, and today more than 100 nuns from 22 religious congregations released a letter to the Vatican protesting the threatened excommunication of Bourgeois. “We need to follow their example by promoting public discussion about the ordination of women,” the Franciscan Sister said.Roy Bourgeois because of his belief in the priestly ordination of women has diminished our Church.As women religious who love our Church and who have served the People of God for decades, we support our brother Roy. He has been a prophetic voice for thousands in our society.The book was widely hailed as a "powerful" and "first-rate" treatment of the crisis from "an academically informed journalist of the highest caliber." His second book, The Rule of Benedict: Pope Benedict XVI and His Battle with the Modern World (Harper San Francisco), came out in 2006 and is the first full-scale treatment of the Ratzinger papacy--how it happened, who he is, and what it means for the Catholic Church. Here are some other blogs you may also enjoy: Faith, Media and Culture Prayer, Plain and Simple Happy Blogging!!! So..recent vacation and related absences also coincided with an offer from Politics to cover religion for them, as editor Melinda Henneberger announces here in her roundup on the site's very successful first 100 days. If you thought you knew John Calvin--who turned 500 last week--you probably don't know enough. And if he was in fact scandalized by dancing, he was also a lot more complex than that. In my defense, I've had computer outages and family reunions and a few days of single-parenthood, which is always a bracing reminder of what many parents go through all the time. Federico Lombardi said "moral values in international politics, immigration and the Catholic Church's ...

The Rule of Benedict has been praised as "an exceptionally interesting and illuminating book" from "a master storyeller." Born and raised in New Jersey, David Gibson studied European history at Furman University in South Carolina and spent a year working on Capitol Hill before moving to Italy.

We know that Jesus did not discriminate in calling both women and men to ministry. We look forward to the day when Catholic women, following in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene who announced the Resurrection to the male Apostles, will minister as full equals in our church.