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26-Jun-2018 02:13

They took 8 dollars from the wallet, which wasn’t much they went through the wallet. The Manager at the location stated they would make it right.

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We have been getting charged over 700.00, over 800.00, over 900.00 and now 1000.00 for two weeks that is ridiculous!He also charged my account without my permission the night we checked in instead waiting until the day we check out.That is totally unacceptable I will never stay at this hotel again as long as he is the manager.On july 13 2018 was leaving hotel to go to beach and had a nasty fall in the stairwell door way and was taken to agh in berlin md had surgeory on my leg pins and screws put in and had to cut vaction short by six hotel new i fell knew i went to hospital you wood think they would at least call to s see how i was right leg was broken my son i was traveling with dosn’t drive my other son drove seven hrs to drive us home hotel told him he wasnt aloud to park in the lot his car would be tow.