Number i can text for anonomas sex chats

25-Jul-2018 11:43

I also got weird emails involving sexual related things from some people that I also don't know. Protect your privacy with professional security app rated 4.7 trusted by over 500 million on Google Play." It then gives a link supposedly to Google play.However, not clicking on it nor posting link here, since it's probably got a virus. She got a text from a TN area code number that she didn't recognize (I didn't k ow it either) and it said that I (using my full name) had sent her an invitation to view a link. Unfortunately, she clicked on it and she said it was some very lewd, inappropriate material! I just received a text message from 410-513-9836 stating I was selected as a lump sum winner of one million dollars. I sent the text message to 7726 and they responded back with a message stating: "Thank you for reporting spam. Messages sent to 7726 are shared with security providers to help prevent spam". LOL I just got a text from a 2....had the name of one of my FB contacts asking if I got an invitation from this person 22 seconds ago and it said veiw private profile with a"tiny url" address and a picture of a red box with a white that My friend contacted me to say the same thing happened to them re: Instead, they were taken to websites that asked them to give personal information and sign up for multiple offers, often involving purchases or paid subscriptions. Even went to their "i" contact info and there is a phone icon. Specifically for the "x mins ago to connect" one that specifically says their name and your full name? (internet safety 101) I checked out the site using my unsynced tablet and it was a custom made page which greeted her by her known alias. I showed it to my gf and now we are both creeper out. On a different device I emailed asking what that was about, which was probably unwise of me. We exchange texts pretty much talking about nothing.

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Don't know who sent, as there is no company name or ID code of any kind. Especially, after doing a search on it, as apparently this is a SCAM, as I've seen a few negative postings associated with this SMS code on various sites.

I FORWARDED THIS TO REPORT TO VERIZON AS SPAM & THEN DELETED IT! If you do, you must create a user name, or we will not post your comment.

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