Ota updating n70

01-Jan-2018 09:41

and after a full nights charge it came on, only to shut off instantly after i removed the USB cable so i figured the battery died.Another day i charged it up all night to back my stuff up and there was another CM13 update so i did that but since then phone was COMPLETELY bricked.After the initial scan, Driver Assist matches your device with the latest and most up to date version of your drivers by scanning its 26 million drivers database.Before Driver Assist installs the new drivers, it performs a backup of your actual drivers just in case the new drivers would turn out to be incompatible with your system or device. Lastly, Driver Assist downloads all the files required and installs the drivers for you.

if i go to recovery, it will start installing the ota update for CM13 from 27th July (i think) and will fail and then it will let me browse around recovery. When i use Fastboot to install new recovery like i used to do before, it says its successful on fastboot but it boots back to TWRP. I have read about the parted command from adb to delete all partitions and re do it but I think they require CWM recovery. So i followed a tutorial on how to see my partitions and i found out i have 25 partitions.As i will suggest now as you are either do a complete wipeout using TWRP recovery , Do advanced cleanup but post factory reset. it takes about 200 seconds or so and it says flashing successful (000x000 or something like that) and when i boot it back, it goes back to the cm13 bootloop. last time when i tried to use older TWRP, it was on the MI logo, then it flashed once, went back to MI logo then it went to CM13 boot logo.prior to that you can try installing nightly but not sure it will help out much. I tried to install previous version of OTA update, latest nightly of CM13, miui latest stable, NONE OF THEM WORKED. I think I am using a CUSTOM twrp 3.0.x-2 or something like that. I had downloaded a zip file called cm13Upgrade which had Cancro_Merge_Partition.Driver Assist performs an in-depth scan of your entire system and all devices attached to it and verifies that you have the latest and most compatible drivers installed.

ota updating n70-59

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It determines which drivers are missing, corrupt or obsolete.

So i tried using miflash to flash all and get stock recovery and rom but it didnt work.