Pierra makena dating

10-Mar-2018 13:07

They are the fortunate kids of some of East Africa’s celebrities who have the privilege of having rich and famous parents.They will eventually gain and rip the benefits of their position as their kids.

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During an interview with journalist Yvonne Aoll last month the mother of one opened up on why she ia yet to find her ideal man.Pierra Makena has in the recent past been linked to dating a prominent businessman and ex-politician and also a popular flamboyant rich guy who many have speculated that one of them could be the baby daddy but when we called her to find out who the baby daddy was, she exclusively told us that the lucky man is a private person probably one who keeps a low profile away from social media.Call them Boss babies or whatever you like, but these kids are living the high-life.DJ Pierra said she broke up with the unidentified man just before she discovered that she was pregnant. PRIVATE PERSON In the interview, DJ Pierra refused to reveal the identity of her Baby Daddy, saying thta he was a private person who is not even on social media.

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She further revealed that both her and the Baby Daddy are now dating different people.

“He had moved on and dating by the time I discovered that I was pregnant and didn’t want to disrupt what they had just because I was pregnant…he started dating while we were not together so it’s all good,” said Pierra.