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I don't have the 1K so I can't really comment. Luckily my workplace doesn't have a dress code so I get to wear these everyday with jeans and a polo or button up shirt.They look great in the office or when going out to bars.So, here' how i size my square feet for boots: I size up, a lot, to a full size to 9 1/2 D in Oak St. Alden Barrie Balmoral shoes I can fit a 8 1/2 E/C ----------------- Alden x JCrew Barrie is MUCH narrrower. But it was comfortable with thin dress socks a half-size down, and if I planned on wearing only thin socks with them, that's probably what I would have stuck with.I've given it a lot of thought recently, and I don't want to rule out the possibility of wearing thick socks in the future. The only AE's I have are Park Avenue's, and they're not very comfortable and the toe is a bit stubby. Is the overall shape of the boot and toe more dressy or stubby, like a work boot?Full disclosure: These were bought at the Rediscover sale and were factory seconds.So I paid less than 0 for these when paired with a Cardcash gift card I bought.

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Out of the 3 factory seconds I've bought, two of them had flaws on the sole with a pristine upper.

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