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The battle gives rise to the legend of Susano-Oh's defeat of Yamato no Orochi.10,500 YEARS AGO -The Spawn of Orochi return, each one defeated or subdued in a particular way before they can kill/absorb each other to the point of regenerating Orochi himself.10,000 YEARS AGO -The great battle between AXOR and the mind-controlled BALKZARDAN and JYARUMU against MOTHRA, MANDA and the birth of KING CAESAR.

The Sinking of Mu; survivors flee to Asia, South America, Egypt and eventually Seatopia.3,000 YEARS AGO -Theorized date of the society that worshipped the kaiju KING KONG, ANGUIRUS, KUMONGA and GOROSAURUS, each created by the radiation of the Slab.500 YEARS AGO -The legend of GOJIRA begins on Odo Island.

As for the differences between the Godzillas, the first is VERY violent and aggressive.

He's clearly confused and in pain, but still moves in a sinister fashion like GMK Goji. Final Wars Goji Neo will be, again, like the original/GMK version.

The Showa Goji fights pretty animalistically/borderline anthromorphically on through the Heisei series, and when Junior becomes the third Godzilla, he fights like his father. There's another Godzilla, but I'll reveal that later : D65 MILLION YEARS AGO -KING GHIDORAH invades Earth, begins changing the climate and destroying all life. Ghidorah is driven from Earth but not before separating Gigamoth into MOTHRA and BATTRA.

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So I should say, instead, that I'm going for "what they could do without a rubber suit," but not necessarily CGI or anything.BATTRA seeks to destroy them, but is stopped by MOTHRA.The Elias are all but destroyed, and Gigamass locked away deep beneath the Earth.GAIRA and SANDA are born from Frankenstein's scattered cells, and eventually fight.1962: Godzilla freed from the ice by ANGUIRUS and fights a recently discovered KING KONG (after the latter fights GOROSAURUS).