Quickly validating sql server configuration settings

10-May-2018 10:48

As shown in the following figure, the defaultlogdir is misspelled as defaultlogr, which is not correct.

We’ve also added correct traceflags, traceflag1 and traceflag2.

SQL Server on Linux provides a wide range of options for configuration, management and administration.

This article outlines the use of mssql-conf in conjunction with other available tools, to manage SQL Server.

Use any available text editor to edit or add the required setting(s) into the SQL configuration.

quickly validating sql server configuration settings-49

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Open the file and modify some contents of the configuration file.So let me hold off the restart part and go ahead make the changes to all the parameters I want to make changes to, and then perform a single restart the SQL Service to commit all the changes at once.Validation helps in validating all the properties of the configuration file.However, it does have some limitations when compared to the full version of SQL Server.