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28-Jan-2018 21:10

Then, bought On Q and moved those rooms over there.I returned to AOL after a year and stayed until they closed the Community Leaders program.I did look around some of the chat rooms the other day.First time in over a year I'd been in the actual aol site where they are.

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The first one was GLCF (which became on Q) which had rooms, boards, and other content. Planet Out came on the scene in 1996 and eventually it acquired on Q and You would try to get in for an hour, finally do it just as someone would sign out, and the 22 other people in the room would be like the vampires in some 24-hour wrinkle room bar. I had hoped it was still in existence, but suspected it wasn't.

With AOL costing many dollars (per hour) in those days, we became AOL Chat Hosts (in the GLCF area) thereby acquiring an AOL account that was no charge . Everybody seemed to know each other already and I was always the newbie nobody wanted to talk to.