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01-May-2018 23:34

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“Most of the time, I’m pretty active so I don’t have a whole lot of time to think, ‘I’m alone.’ Also, I have wonderful friends, and family, and guys friends as well that I hang out with, so I feel very full and rich in my community.When you’re alone in a lot of areas in your life, I think that’s when you feel really, really lonely.“With my most recent boyfriend, I took a very strong stand on boundaries and I said things like, ‘I want to put a shoe in the door if we’re alone in a room together because I don’t want there to be even the appearance of compromise. That keeps us accountable and it avoids the appearance of evil.’ He definitely did not agree with me and was quite strong about it himself.“So, not only did I feel challenged in my stand and rejected by him, by somebody that I cared about so much, but it was a very hard thing being the girl and having to take that stand and him not backing me up.”At 26 and single, Rebecca has had years practicing what she preaches.While she hopes to marry someday, the busy singer/author doesn’t sit around wallowing in self-pity.

“With Christian friends, we can talk about our relationship with Him and encourage our friends to stand strong.Then they got involved with drugs and alcohol and tried to commit suicide – all out of that one compromise.”Rebecca believes many people fail to realize what an intimate, bonding experience sex is—that it’s two becoming one flesh—until it’s too late.“God made it that way, but He made it that way to be in the bond of marriage and I totally believe that true love really does wait.”Being a spokeswoman for virginity in today’s society is not without cost.Or, with non-Christian friends, we should be open to talking about our faith, even if it means they give us weird looks or think we’re unusual.”Perhaps the hardest stand to take in an impure world is remaining pure until marriage.