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Note that the initial advertisement for the service must contain the provider name, and your phone service provider must also provide this information on request."] Given the amount of threads being created about receiving unsolicited Premium SMS's, it is time to create a single thread for discussion (so as to keep it all in one place, the topic has been much the same in the separate threads).Regardless of carrier/Premium SMS number, please use this thread to discuss unsolicited Premium SMS issues.The procedure you should follow to dispute the charges on your bill is the same regardless of your Carriage the Premium SMS number to prevent any further charges being incurred.

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There's more information about Premium rate SMS at Vodafone's Premium TXT page.But I can't blame you for saying that when you see some of the things offered by subscription SMS. Some information relevant to Telstra customers regarding Premium Calls and SMS can be found on their web site.Most other carriers and phone providers including the smaller ones that resell have similar web pages, so it won't hurt to check their web site.I have also restricted my home phone so no 190x number can be called.