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However once the attachment a child feels towards their parent(s) and the level of parental supervision are taken into account, children in single parent families are no more likely to offend than others.

When parents commonly do not know where their children are, what their activities are, or who their friends are, children are more likely to truant from school and have delinquent friends, each of which are linked to offending.

Juvenile crimes can range from status offenses (such as underage smoking), to property crimes and violent crimes.

Youth violence rates in the United States have dropped to approximately 12% of peak rates in 1993 according to official US government statistics, suggesting that most juvenile offending is non-violent.

Most of these influences tend to be caused by a mix of both genetic and environmental factors.

Individual psychological or behavioural risk factors that may make offending more likely include low intelligence, impulsiveness or the inability to delay gratification, aggression, lack of empathy, and restlessness.

Hostile attribution bias however, can appear at any age during development and often lasts throughout a persons life.

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These factors may lead to the child having low IQ and may increase the rate of illiteracy.

This rejections affects the child's ability to be socialized properly, which can reduce their aggressive tendencies, and often leads them to gravitate towards anti-social peer groups.