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Michael Romano, who heads Martin Health System’s infectious diseases and control, told Treasure Coast Newspapers. I don’t want to scare people, but they need to know what the blooms are doing to them.Millions of people potentially could be exposed to this, and we don’t know much about it.” Lt. Jennifer Reynolds, a deputy district engineer with the Army Corps of Engineers, told attendees at Tuesday’s meeting in Cape Coral the corps is preparing to drain rising, algae-filled water from Lake Okeechobee into surrounding waterways to prevent overflow, despite residents’ [email protected] One Cumbre Vieja They had taken the road from Las Canarias heading north along the west coast of the Island of La Palma part of the Canary Island chain. The open Jeep belonged to Juan Ramirez and it was decrepit and grey with dust.

Coming out is a process and many people struggle with the same questions, when, how for what reasons. When a person wants to come out, even if you think your are ready - it may be seen by other as a hurtful betrayal to your closest family or friends.And because of that, they’re being affected.” Look at this sick endangered Loggerhead sea turtle found on the beach in #Captiva suffering from #redtide toxins.Experts say close to 100 sea turtles have washed up dead in #SWFL this year.Army Corps of Engineers was speaking at our local yacht club (Cape Coral) about Lake Okochobee water releases and blue green algae.

100 yards away dead manatees we’re washing up at the boat ramp. WEQw64Ws — Tammy Hodgson (@Tammy Hodgson75) August 1, 2018 At least 80 manatees have died from red tide so far this year, according to online records kept by the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. The pretty blue water and sand is now plagued with dead fish from the poor water conditions😷 Wssh Fwg — Andrea Henderson (@Andrea WINKNews) July 30, 2018 According to Treasure Coast Newspapers, 15 people were recently treated at Martin Health System emergency rooms in Stuart over two days for symptoms consistent with algae toxins after coming in contact with the St.The aggressive overgrowth, which occurs each year but intensifies with high temperatures, pollution and stagnant water, has become unusually strong since emerging in October, and has stretched into the longest outbreak since 2006, according to state wildlife officials.“This is way, way high,” Heather Barron, the head of the Center for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife veterinarian hospital on Sanibel Island, told the Fort Myers News-Press of the sea turtle deaths. But now sea turtle nesting is at its peak, and you have adults in nearshore Bv SYns — Gina Tomlinson (@Gina Wink News) July 27, 2018 Photos and videos posted to social media show beaches and shorelines covered in dead fish.