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17-Jul-2018 02:38

And there's also this amusing look at student radicalism.

Tonight New Order played in Melbourne, and I went along with a friend to see them.

The latest trend among Generation Xers: starter marriages; an increasing number of first marriages lasting fewer than five years.

A sign of a society conditioned more to short-term gratification?

The support band was local outfit Underground Lovers, who played a set, mostly of rock numbers; they weren't bad.

Which is good if you're a teenage mook wanting to pirate the latest rap-metal hit, but not so good if you're a dedicated trainspotter looking for obscure old singles and mixes.

We lined up outside the Metro (a former theatre, which is now a teeny-bopper nightclub of some sort) with other fans; one contingent had an English flag (that's the red-and-white Cross of St.