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__________Next step: Based on another Brother Dave recommendation, I ordered Carol Kaye's book "How To Play the Electric Bass" from Amazon, noting that it was sold and shipped by an outside vendor. On a split coil P-Bass I'd only worry about it if you have a hum problem and you probably won't. I don't think I'd do it again because it really wasn't worth the time spent doing it or the copper on a modern passive split coil P-Bass.

They are essentially noise free stock compared to a Jazz or 51/56 P-Bass. Yes, the ones I plan to keep forever and they are Fenders. I really don't think it improved the noise floor enough to justify the hassle.

Foil shielding the back of the pickguard to ground only has a benefit when the pickguard actually surrounds a single coil pickup and on P/J's and most first generation single coil P-Basses the pickguard doesn't surround a single coil pickup.

There is NOTHING like the sound of a first-generation P-Bass to me and I totally love that tone, but no other bass is more sensitive to RFI either.

There are also WORSE entry level instruments than Affinity series basses. For the money an Affinity is not bad at all, but in reality they are good mainly for a student or beginner. I ended up buying this Indonesia P-Bass for because it was in very nice condition and the hardware looked better than I've seen on a lot of el cheapo-os.

I don't mind the for the copper material, but it takes me several hours.

In the end copper foil shielding a split coil Precision won't make it any worse, but it doesn't make it perceptibly better either.

Unless you are having noise issues for some reason, I'd skip it because I will if I ever get another new modern passive P-Bass.

However on any passive single coil Jazz, a P/J or First Generation type Precision single coil bass copper shielding has immediate and cost effective noise reduction benefits.When you buy an Affinity you are pretty much assured it has student caliber electronics and hardware like softer metal in the frets and the cheapest woods they could get in mass quantity, but still some are better than others so be patient and pick carefully in the Affinity line and you can get a very usable bass.For someone just starting out an Affinity is perfectly fine.This is a practice that actually goes back to Fender's early days.