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When the word does not come from the original creators but over time is still treated as such it is Word of Dante.Doesn't always end up giving fans the answers they were looking for, such as in the case of a Flip-Flop of God or a Shrug of God. Contrast Death of the Author, What Could Have Been and God Never Said That.Another thorny issue is that not all stories have a single creator, and the collaborators may not actually agree with interpretations of their story that weren't made explicit in the work.This is especially likely if they no longer work together, and particularly if they had a real-life falling out.What happens when one Word turns out to be more ridiculous than expected? The term 'Story Bible' is sometimes used for the definitive guidelines for writing an episode of a TV series.Two writers quoting the Story Bible back and forth are having a Bible Fight. It's important to remember that if you disagree with the Word of God, there's nothing wrong with writing fan fiction that contradicts it, just don't try to foist your preferred Fanon on fans who acknowledge the official canon or on the actual creator of the work.

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These attitudes have found some acknowledgement in literary criticism: Wimsatt and Beardsley's "The Intentional Fallacy" and Barthes' Death of the Author essay both argue that the interpretation of a work cannot be limited to attempts to discern the "author's intentions." Something else to consider is that, often, particularly when it comes to comedy shows, creators may make statements that are meant as jokes, or at least, not meant to be taken seriously.I mostly write h/c and relationship fic, and I don't play favorites: I love Sam & Dean together. Written for the prompt: Yet another school, yet another dot on the map. And anyway, Lilim aren't people, they're creatures. Dean decides to surprise his brother with a new phone. T for swearing and one scene of very non-explicit sex -I will warn ahead of time, I promise. As Sam recovers from knee surgery, he's hit with violent visions that will, ultimately, put both Winchester brothers' lives in jeopardy. To what lengths of denial would Dean go to hang on to it? The story opens when he places a call to Bobby from the hospital... What happens to a man who looks upon the face of entropy? Dean doesn't know how to help his brother, though maybe it's easier than he thinks. I write in a single universe, so all my stories work together, sometimes referring to each other but not contradicting or offering alternate versions of the same event. But the kid that John's got by the arm, he looks like a person. Even better is when he finds that he's been able to save all of Sam's old information and restore it to his cell. Deciding what those are will become the difference between sanity and madness. Language barriers, stubborn poltergeists, nasty memories causing old wounds to rip at the seams: it's a typical week in the life of our favourite grumpy stumpy dude and his tall emo yardstick of morality. Coda to "Mystery Spot." Sam had read Dean's journal over and over in the months his brother was gone. Multi-chapter follo to Bridging Two Solitudes, set late in Season 2. PART ONE OF THE DRIVE 'VERSESam is usually the one who never gets enough sleep, but the current hunt is leaving Dean feeling a little drained. Faced with an annoying little brother, a giant dog monster and money troubles, Dean’s honestly not sure what's stressing him out the most. I am big sister to three brothers, I work in childcare, I'm a Christian, I'm Eastern European, I edit, my background is in forensic science, and I live in a Maryland suburb of DC. He starts to see himself through Sam's younger eyes, though, and doesn't like who he is. 'God, please-please-' Sam raged against his poison prison, unsuccessfully willing his body to his command. Problem is, it isn't going to really be the same; not with Sam now the oldest between them. All he had to do was step out, and let his body fall. He was prepared to risk everything rather than lose his brother again. If he happened to be awake whenever Sam was asleep, and he was also awake when Sam was awake, when did Dean actually sleep at all? AU oneshot for the aftermath of killing the demon All Hell Break Loose didn't happen. Winner of "Best Chick Flick Moment" and runner up "Best Overall Story", round 12: Sensue SPN fanfic awards. Sam and Dean argue and end up taking on seperate hunts in the same town. He's back in school with Dean's blessing and encouragement, but with his brother living in Portland, his life is em After winning The Big Demon Battle, Sam and Dean struggle to deal with the aftermath of the hunt, and are blindsided by some unfinished business. Sam and Dean have to work through their issues with each other when an overnight stay at a mysterious truck stop motel forces them to confront their deepest fears and maybe split the brothers up for good.