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"After all, if they had this insight and communication skill, they wouldn’t leave their partner in the dark."There are plenty of occasions to be "chill" in a relationship, like when your partner buys your second-favorite ice cream flavor by accident.But you shouldn't have to pretend to be cool with crappy behavior, and should never feel ashamed to ask for what you need in a relationship."An immature dater may stick it out, playing 'chill girl' in hopes that if she’s patient and doesn’t push it, he will come around to his senses or tell her how he’s feeling," Burns says."A mature woman tends to be a confident woman that knows they are worthy of being loved.

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Knowing how to maturely handle the slow fade is a super useful skill to have, but why does it happen in the first place?Check out the “Sex & Relationships” stream in the Bustle App for tips, tricks, and advice on friends, sex, dating, and everything in-between. The funny thing is, for a while it was just the opposite: I’d have a mediocre or in a few cases REALLY BAD date, and the guy would basically propose marriage afterwards."When you have a lot going on with work and hobbies, it is easy to prevent yourself from overthinking." It might be tempting to get "revenge" on someone who subjected you to the slow fade, but it's important to understand that that temporary satisfaction isn't worth the drama — and neither is stooping to their level."Relationships are a two-way street," Davis says.