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02-Oct-2018 11:33

Since her return to acting, she has been in television series such as Veronica Mars, Big Love, True Blood and Grey's Anatomy.

She returned to the role of Mac in the Veronica Mars movie, and has played the part of Maggie Harris on the television series Legends. Her first film role was in 1994's When a Man Loves a Woman.

Heather Brooks on “Grey’s Anatomy.” Next up for the actress, who has appeared in music videos for Pink and Lifehouse, is a TNT spy drama, “Legends,” starring Sean Bean.

CHRIS NEUMER: What I’m doing is this: we’re talking to actresses who are making waves.

As of now, she hasn't been spotted cozying up with a guy who can have the tag of her boyfriend.

She shared the photo of her with mother on Twitter wishing her on her birthday.Heather Brooks in Season 9 of the ABC series Grey's Anatomy, with her character being killed off in the two-part premiere of Season 10.In 2014 she appeared in the Veronica Mars film as her character Mac, a project financed by fans through Kickstarter.After the 1995 movie “Waterworld,” Majorino, 28, starred in the 1999 TV movie “Alice in Wonderland” before taking a five-year break.