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30-May-2018 09:43

Ready to take the next step with your marketing initiative?The trustworthy team at Ballantine can help you make the most of your marketing budget.For example, a company that leases vehicles and provides roadside services can contact customers who have only invested in one of these services.The company’s sales team can then begin marketing to such individuals to purchase the remaining service.

Of course, not just any product launch email will generate excitement.After all, if one customer expresses disappointment, they’re certainly not alone.According to If you’re not gathering contact information from your customers, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to generate both repeat business and new leads.A driver who has sought roadside assistance in the past may require a mere nudge to invest in a lease for a more reliable vehicle.

As mentioned above, current customers who are happy with already purchased products or services are more likely to try new products from the same company in the future.

For example, your company can track which customers use your call center and how they interact with representatives.