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She’s got that typical Germanic head of platinum blonde hair, a big boner-inviting smile, and a set of knockers that can take a man out with one good smack to his face.

Those healthy Double D tits may seem like a lot to carry around, but Vivian’s slender, tight body has the strength and stamina to keep those fun-bags perky all day.

They seem to be well-known on the Malaysia and Singapore swinger scene.

And the "" blog have been gaining popularity fast in recent days with many Malaysians chatting about it on Facebook and on web forums.

Alvin Tan, 24, a law student at the National University of Singapore (NUS), and his Malaysian girlfriend Vivian Lee, 23, have been denounced by critics over their X-rated blog called "Sumptuous Erotica".

In it the couple posted erotic photographs and videos of ...

SINGAPORE - He was a scholar who studied law at the National University of Singapore (NUS). But the Malaysian couple are making the news for all the wrong reasons - posting online videos and pictures of ...

If Alvin Tan, 24, and Vivian Lee, 23, were American or European, they would be just another forgettable sex-blogging couple.

Yep, Malaysian swingers who are fully open about their alternative lifestyle publicly.Sex blogs are nothing new for Malaysians but usually they are very secretive and never this this open and public.Alvin and Vivian not only use their names but they did not even attempt to conceal their faces in the photos and videos.This interesting episode is starring two Malaysians by the name of Vivian and Alvin who are apparently exposing their sex life on their tumblr blog.

And interesting enough is the fact that they appear to be using their real names and are linking to their real Facebook pages.Other special talents of Vivian’s include her signature anal fisting, which, when she can’t find some lucky dude or slut to do it for her, she does on her own with ease.She’s a double penetration junky, too, gladly taking dick in two holes at once, as well as two dicks in one hole at the same time.Vivian Schmitt is a legendary pornstar from one of the most notorious places on Earth when it comes to hardcore kink and limit-pushing perversion.