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We’ve been using the tumble snap under center & in the gun for years (since 2008 I believe) & it works great with minimal teaching. Had a coaches meeting yesterday morning and my assistants loved it. CS - Colorado *********** I received the open wing and playbook. I've been studying it carefully and like some of the changes and I am still contemplating some of the other changes. Love all the little coaching points and “where it will/might go wrong...watch for this” pointers. MN - UK *********** I am really enjoying the DW 3.0 book. I love the adjustment from true pull to shuffle for the backside guard and tackle and moving from shoeshine blocking.

JC - California *********** I really am enjoying the DW 3.0.

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RH - New York TEAM - COACH GREG KOENIG (ON THE RIGHT IN THE PHOTO) HAS PRESENTED IT TO PLAYERS AT THREE DIFFERENT SCHOOLS IN COLORADO AND KANSAS SINCE 2001 - AND NOW HE'S AT HIS FOURTH SCHOOL - WHERE HE WILL ALSO PRESENT IT! IT'S ABSOLUTELY FREE - YOUR PLAYER RECEIVES A CERTIFICATE AND AN OFFICIAL BLACK LION PATCH.(Those who've already ordered it and have been waiting can tell you how long it's taken me to put it together.) My intent is to show how I build the offense with "blocks" - teaching the linemen just 8 "Building Blocks." Each building block enables your backs to run dozens of plays.It's the most detailed "how-to" book on the Double Wing ever published.For those coaches who might want to adopt my system, the playcards are already in the book, prepared and ready to go. Since I have been running your system for so long now, is there much value added with this one or is this for people just beginning? This is certainly designed to help the first-timer get up and running, but it's also a major upgrade for the hard-core Double Wing coach. Hey coach, Does your new doublewing playbook have any plays from shotgun or any pistol or is it all from under center?