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However, Clyde's lice problem was not revealed to the others, as Kenny Mc Cormick was accused by Cartman.This episode was the first time his last name was 'Harris,' as stated at the lice inspection. Clyde Donovan has been seen as a good athlete and really likes sports.

In "Quest for Ratings", it is rumored that Clyde only has one testicle, though this is never actually confirmed.In the movie South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, it is implied that he is not very clever, or at least not good at mathematics and is often portrayed as one of the less intelligent members of the class. Garrison asks him what two times five equals, he guesses twelve - Garrison then refers to him as "a complete retard".However, considering that Garrison's teaching skills are almost nonexistent, this probably means that it isn't Clyde's fault.Like all of the boys at South Park Elementary, however, he hated the game and tried hard to lose it so they did not have to continue playing.

Clyde is also a big fan of the Denver Broncos, as seen in "Marjorine." Looking closely in his room in "Make Love, Not Warcraft" you can see a lamp is of the Colorado Avalanches, hinting he might be a hockey fan.He plays football for the South Park cows in "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride" and "The Coon" and continues to show support for the team throughout "Douche and Turd".He, however, becomes very upset with the name change and during the change back he is shown to wear the jersey under his clothes.In "The List", Clyde is listed on the corrupted list as best looking and as a result, he becomes arrogant and self-loving of his looks.