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Likewise, if a male king dies without heirs, only his brothers and their male offspring can claim the throne.

This right does not pass to male children of the queen that she might have later.

The name comes from the Roman poet Horace (65 BCE-8 CE), who preferred to ridicule human folly in general rather than condemn specific persons.

In contrast, Juvenalian satire also uses withering invective, insults, and a slashing attack.

In England, however, the English Queen Consort (a queen married to a ruling husband) can become the Queen Regnant (a queen ruling in her own right) if her husband dies and there are no other male relatives in line to inherit the throne.

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Horatian satire tends to focus lightly on laughter and ridicule, but it maintains a playful tone.

Generally, the tone is sympathetic and good humored, somewhat tolerant of imperfection and folly even while expressing amusement at it.

In common usage, the term saga has been erroneously applied to any exciting, long narrative.

See cycle and epic.: French law stating that the right of a king's son to inherit the French throne passes only patrilineally rather than matrilineally.

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