Women dating younger men puma

02-Jan-2018 12:23

High-profile couples such as French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte are proof the older woman/younger man couple can work, but they remain a rarity in Hong Kong and Asia – unlike sugar daddies You are guaranteed to raise a few eyebrows in Hong Kong if there is a significant age gap between you and your partner.It is not just the age difference that makes people curious; many are sceptical that two people with so many years between them can have anything in common.Some might have had marriages or long-term relationships ruined by that same career-focused mentality and are now pursuing a second chance in love.Jacqueline Chia is managing partner and co-founder of Meet Mozaic, a matchmaking service for mature Hong Kong residents."When it becomes celebrity driven, it becomes acceptable to everybody. They're very successful, very independent and sophisticated." The cougar-cub relationship is a perfect fit for all kinds of couples."I do sometimes compare us to Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher because they're so successful in their relationship," said 34-year-old Stefanie Schwartz, who is engaged to 24-year-old Matt Cavender.They say, 'Well, if they do then it's OK," Canadian author Valerie Gibson who wrote the book "Cougar: A Guide for Older Women Dating Younger Men." "A cougar is a very sophisticated, a very attractive, a very sensually-aware woman, very much in control of her life. She says one of the great things about dating a younger man is that she is forced to keep up with women his age and, therefore, stays in good shape."When I first brought him over to my girlfriends house, she said, 'Oh, you've lost so much weight!“The concept of the ‘cougar’ is taboo in many non-Western countries.

Many young, beautiful women are also happy to engage in this type of relationship.“On the contrary, the cougar relationship may be less socially acceptable and definitely may open the woman up to gossip and social commentary, and intense scrutiny by her peer group.” De Candido gives some pointers on identifying the signs that a significantly younger partner is genuinely into you. Can you spend intimate time together without having to provide perks like an expensive dinner, expensive gifts, new handbag or trip abroad?Are they happy just getting takeaway and watching Netflix at home?They feel they could embarrass their family members and friends.

‘Sugar daddies’, however, seem to be more accepted worldwide.” This underlying bias is noticeable in Hong Kong and Asia.Some people would argue that young women are more mature than their male counterparts in the same age groups and so make a perfect match for an older man.” Carol De Candido, who co-founded Meet Mozaic with Chia, says the cougar trend seems to be more socially acceptable in the 21st century.“More people divorce nowadays and may choose a younger partner for their second relationship.” She explains, though, that this acceptance varies depends on the community or culture.She warns, however, that there are pros and cons in these kinds of relationships.