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much\esearch is done on , the spot by local friends or relatives of distant scholars. Requisition programs, 46 cataloging copy progr'am, 15 microfilming program. ASO New York (city X ' ^ — photographs of, A34 ' ^ , ' New York Chamber Soloists, concert, A45 New York Pubhc Library, 19, 61, 70 New York Z)j//id videotapes ' acquisitions, 47 ^JI^wsom,'Jon W., x ^ ♦ "Newspaper Section (Ser). The bibhographic data is now t *r 1^)1 A 34,694 29,308 38.355 44,252 45.012 — H4.2SO ' 68,248 ' ; 77,069 106,588 I 85,125 -1 1 L. As a result, ^ the Serial Division cataloged the titles already in its custody, under the technical sup.ervision of Serial Record catalogers. This chapter presents the new services and developments of the past year, espepally those related to directives of the Legis Ia UMTKeorganization Act of 1970, against a backdrsis and researc|i support capabilities for the Oongress The act's provisions focus principally on expanding the Service's legislative si^pport for committees, but analytical, legislative support for Members and the continuatioo-e Pt Ta Uitional ser- vices are stressed^ Since Jiacrs Tl^l \ the Service has proceeded to rtement the provisions and intent of the act in numerous ways.

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